Consignment - Details in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Get your merchandise ready, fill out our online booking form selecting your preferred date & time to come in to our store.

Step 2. Once your merchandise has been accepted by our staff, we will confirm your booking and you can bring your items in store, to finalise your listing price together.

Step 3. Your merchandise is processed. Once your item has sold, your money is transferred into your nominated bank account or processed as store credit.

Ready to submit your merchandise to our consignment team? Click on the booking button below! 

FAQ's Regarding Consignment

Q. What merchandise do we accept?

A. At the moment, we are only accepting deadstock footwear, in their original un-worn condition, with an un-damaged box and the original proof of purchase.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of items we accept?

A. No, we will accept as many or as little pairs you are intending to consign.

Q. Why is my booking status pending?

A. To save time for both yourself and our staff, we like to ensure only the items we are most certain we will consign are brought into the store. All bookings are first listed as pending, until we have checked over the stock you have enlisted and we will either approve or decline your booking request, with explanation as to why.

Q. How long will my shoes take to sell?

A. This is widely dependant on the shoe you are selling with us. We will be able to give you an estimated turn around time when you originally drop the shoes off to us, using our previous sales history as judgement.

Q. How do I know when my shoe has sold?

A. We have an easy to use system which is only accessible by yourself and our staff to accurately track all inventory, updated daily. When your item sells, you will be flagged that updates have been made in our system, notifying you what has sold and when your expected payout date is.

Q. What are your consignment rates?

A. We charge 15% flat rate if you are consigning less than 15 products. If you are consigning 15 products or more, our consignment rate is 10%.

Q. Why do you charge two rates for consignment?
A. Initially, our consignment rate was going to be 15% for all items. However, we love giving back to our consigners and have decided to incentivize those who decide to consign 15 or more items with us. They are essentially considered our "super-sellers", hence the discounted rate.

Q. Can I remove my items?
A. Yes you can. For items that have been consigned with us for two weeks or less, we will require a $10 removal fee per item. For items that have been consigned with us for more than two weeks, there is no removal fee. *Please note, we require two days notice in writing that you wish to remove your items.*